Feeling a Little Green

When I found out I was having another baby I promised myself that I would definitely make time to be able to feed my little boy with homemade baby food. I wanted to with my first but I didn’t have the resources, time, energy, you get the point. I am totally tooting my own horn when I say that I have made every bit of baby food (except for the cereal) that Knox has eaten. Please don’t judge 🙂
My reasons may be like yours, or totally different. I found with my oldest son, Kaleb, that the more processed food he ate, the more everything changed with him. When I changed his diet to try to include only the freshest food possible I saw a huge change in him. He’s calmer, more attentive, more focused. The good in whole foods with him definitely outweigh the negative. I am not in any way saying that we don’t eat fast food once in a while, or enjoy TV dinners during his football season but overall I try to feed him the freshest organic food I can and lots and lots of fresh fish. Total bonus for us living in Florida 🙂
That being said, I bring a super quick recipe for you…..Hass avocados or California avocados. I don’t know exactly the amount of fat and oils in the avocados but my pediatrician said that they are chock full of green goodness for babies.

Here’s what you will need:
**4 Hass avocados (more or less is fine)
**Food processor or blender
**Ice cube trays
**Freezer bags

Now here’s the good part-lots of pictures!!

First, I start with ripe avocados:


They are green, but they start to get a little darker when ripe. Make sure they are ripe! Squish to make sure they are soft, not completely mushy, but definitely soft when you squeeze.

Next, you cut the avocados lengthwise around the seed:


This is what they should look like after cutting:


The easiest way I have found is to use a spoon and scoop around the edge between the skin and the flesh, make sure you get rid of that seed.


Put them in your food processor, blender, whatever:


Then mash them up a bit to make it easier to purée:


Usually with avocados you do not need to add water, they should look like this when you’re done:


Then I pour the puréed avocado into ice cube trays to freeze:


I usually let them sit for a day, unless I have time that evening to pop them out. When I take them out of the trays I put them into labeled freezer bags:


And then you can take them out the night before to defrost and feed that baby!!!



The last picture is what it looks like while defrosting. I always stir them a little to help defrost a little better.

There are a TON of things that you can make yourself at home to feed your baby a healthy diet. I always try to find things when they are on sale and go on a baby food making binge, saving money always helps with a new baby.

How do you feed your baby and why?

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