Smash Cake for the Monster Baby

So it’s been a year. One precious, moving way too fast for this momma year. As I look back, I can’t believe we’re already here. I have been lucky enough to be able to enjoy these moments every day with this precious baby boy.
And as I planned and prepared for his first birthday of course I wanted to have a cake just for him to do as he wanted with. So off I went: pinterest, random searches for pictures of smash cakes, you name it I was looking for the best cake to make, bake, buy, whatever it took.  Now please understand I have never in my life decorated a cake but boy, I was determined. I went to the store and bought my little decorators kit and went home to bake.   The first step I took in self teaching was to mix up some pretty blue icing and just jump right in. I laid some parchment paper down and began to doodle with all the pretty tips. This is what happened.I have to say that doing this did help me. I was able to determine which tips did what, and I was able to practice the pressure on the bag while squeezing and how fast to move my hands. It  is fun.  In another life I may want to be a baker.  Just not this one.    My next step was to bake the cakes. I used two 6″ round X 2″ deep pans. The directions for how to bake with them is right on the label on the pan. They were similar to the directions on the box but I went with the directions on the pan just to be sure. After baking the cakes I let them cool according to the directions and then took a very sharp knife and sliced the tops right off. I arranged the cakes on a plate and used some yummy yellow icing to “glue” them together. Them  I took some blue icing and covered the whole cake with that. The next step was to use my shiny new decorator tools.  This is what I ended up with:

I had some grand plans to make a cake and decorate it with fish and sea-life. The reality of that is I am not a baker, and that idea while sounding fabulous was not going to happen this day.

For under $40.00 I was able to bake, color and decorate a cake that was cute for my monsters first birthday.  He loved it. It only lasted about a minute before he destroyed it.    That’s the point of a smash cake, right?

  • In the end the colors all turned a very vivid green but his hat and pants matched perfectly! What I have learned about my second first birthday party? It’s about making the memories. He’s not going to remember what his party was like, who was there or what presents he received but he will see his pictures and know that he was that fearless toddler that dove right in and ate his cake. And I didn’t cringe even once at the mess he made.

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